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Which peltier

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Feb 4, 2001
There's a lot of peltiers out there and the prices and performance are all over the place. I could use a couple of recommendations.

So I finished my first OC a few days ago. I'm bumped my single PIII 700e up to 933mhz on my VP6 mb.

Im running the stock fan and heatsink<no grease or thermal compound> and I think I'm sitting not bad at 38c while running SETI@home. everything seems fairly stable.

I now want to invest in some better cooling. I want to stay with air cooling for about another 3 months.

I was wondering what peltier would work best with an air cooled system. As well I want to go to water later on, so it should be compatible with a water system as well.

Any recommendations would be appreciated.
If you want to use that same stock heatsink then I wouldn't try a peltier. You'll have great idle temps, but your load temps will shoot up, maybe even past what it is now. If you really want to peltier cool it then you'll probably have to invest in at least a better heatsink. You don't really need it though... if you're happy with 933 then I'd just put some good thermal grease in there. That would drop your temps a good bit I bet.

Well I'm happy right now at 933 but I have seen consistent OC of this chip to1150+mhz Of course thats with water cooling. I would like to find out how high I can get it with just air cooling before moving on to water. If you don't feel the stock fan would cut it with a peltier then what would be the best air cooling combo?
if you want to stick with aircooling, then go with the alpha pep66 with a delta 38cfm fan.. just take note that this fan is damn noisy! you could stick a small pelt under it too.
Well as far as air cooling swiftnets.com has the "Mother of all cooling" There stuff is top notch! I used there MC2001,its a dual peltier(78W ea) solid copper design with a Wonderful gasket system(For Slot1)
Hears there spec. page There PRICY though(About $250) and they take about a month to get Goto the clssified section hear I have one forsale,I got board and went water cooled Cuz my desk is one of those enclosed CPU typed,and airflow SUXED
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I'm using PEP66s on my VP6, with Delta fans. By turning the shrouds so that the fans are on top they work very nice. You need to reverse the fans so that they blow into the heatsink- I lost 2 degrees when I turned the shrouds but got them back when I reversed the fans.
Awww now look at what you done. I went to the site to check out those awsome air coolers and your right they kick butt $219.00 each though. Then I figured I would compare to the water coolers.... Yep the water coolers are actually cheaper.... Even if you buy all the extras :( Makes it hard to follow the map when tempted with such distractions.