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Which power supply for Pentium 4 boards?

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Mar 27, 2002
I know this question gets asked a lot, but never quite in this way. Basically, what I want to know is if a 350 watt power supply is enough to run a pentium 4 board. A lot of the reviews and stuff have been gabbing about you should get 400+, but it seems to me that these people want all the extra power because they stuff their PC with lots of stuff, not because a normal PC requires it.

Intel says the minimum is 300 watts. I've put together P4 systems in micro desktop cases with only 185 watt power supplies and they seemed to work ok. Although, I heavily advise against using anything under 300 watts from a good manufacturer. 400 watts would be pretty much ideal. Not too much, and a nice bit of extra for fans, burners, DVD's, etc...
A good power supply is key component of any system and often overlooked. Do yourself a favor and get a good 350 watt or higher. You'll have it for a good long time and even if you upgrade your MB,CPU, etc... you'll still have a reliable power supply.
I have a 300W power supply and i can tell you that its not enough, i would get the enermax 430W, i might get it soon
cool, i might be gettings the 400W antec, its cheaper than the Enermax as well. Do i need to connect the power supply fan of it to the motherboard? cause i don't have any more connections to fans on my mobo.
Modding an enermax power supply?

jdmcnudgent, why did you have to mod your enermax power supply? What did you do to it and how come you had to?