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Which Radiator?

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Nov 2, 2003
I have a 1000 lph pump ... (got it from hardware store and about 25% the price of eheim but it seems to be pretty noisy).

Around christmas I'm going to get the extra parts to complete the setup, CPU + GPU + NorthBridge Waterblocks (havn't chosen these but probably a Cascade for CPU cuz they look good).

I dunno how to do all the maths etc, so I dont know what Radiator is required. I was thinking of going all out and get a Black Ice Extreme II and mount on the side of my case with 2 12 cm fans. Is this just an overkill or is it worth going for the biggest/best ? I am in a hotish climate in Perth Australia so that water has to be coool.

I am looking to get a decent overclock as opposed to a silent system (which obviously aint gunna happen with this pump i got lol).

And what is the best GPU and Northbridge coolers? Are there any companies that do like a pack of 3 to save $$$..?

PS like my watercooled Force Feedback 2?
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I personally like Swiftech blocks because the construction is top shelf but if you look at the data there are cooler performing blocks. As far as radiators go if you want really good cooling go with a large heatercore.

by the way the stick is cool....
pepboys heater core 9X6X2..part# 399022 $19.00
I also use swiftech......getting waterchill block and giving it a try.

I have two and with all fans off at 3650 21-23C @ 4048 all fans on 16-18.7C temp on probe....stays about 4-7F above room temp.

I have my water cooling in a different case next to system case with quick connect lines going thru the back of the cases. Going to a antec 1030 case for the cooling and three heater cores.
All three still 1/3 the price of a black ice extreme2...And I have one of those....one $19.00 core keeps it cooler then the black ice.