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Which Raid controller? MSIk7d

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Aug 12, 2002
Chicago, IL
What raid should I get for k7d board? Want to go Raid 0+1 and be fast. Thinking some of the 250gig ide drives out there.



Señor Senior, Senior
Oct 11, 2002
The Empire State
Heck any raid card will work. Depends on how much you're willing to spend.

I got a silicon image raid card from newegg for 20 bux shipped. Got 2 x 120GB WD SE drives in raid-0 in my asus board. Fast as heck and i'm very impressed with this 20 dollar raid card.



May 23, 2002
well to run a 0+1 your gonna have to (realisticly) get a 4 channel IDE controller, otherwise it will crawl (because 2 channels with 2 drives...). The cheapest 4 channel I know of is the rocketRAID 404, it'll run software RAID 5 (very dissapointing in peformance).

Assuming your want 500gb of usable storage, Another option is running 2 RAID cards, and run RAID 0 on both and use a backup program to backup your drives at night. Cheaper and faster so I'd recommend that.

If you only want 250 or so of storage you could run a RAID 0 of 120's and then a 250gb for backup at night (don't need the speed when backing up at night ya know.


Mar 12, 2003
Western Australia Perth
Dont forget the K7D has a horrible southbridge chip. All 32mhz cards put in the 32mhz slots will run like dogs. Aparently if u put the card in the 66mhz slot and put another 32mhz (or66mhz) card in the 2nd slot, it will run fine. I have had no luck with any combination tho. My card is in a 33mhz slot and only gets mass data loss/corrupted file tables every now and then. When it was in the 66mhz slot, any file I transferred was immediately corrupted. -god I wish thee was a decent opteron board out....