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Which soud card to get?

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Apr 16, 2001
I have an Asus a7v133 and I wanted to know what would be the best quality soud card to get for this I'm looking for a good blend of reliability of sound Q and reliability. I've read a lot about Creative's problems with this chipset and am ooking at alternatives in the low budget category.

Aopen with YAMAHA744 CHIPSET

Or should I go with the Live Value?
Thanks for the reply, but I'm really hoping for someone with some experience with this chipset and different types of cards, especially the Montego.
I use the SB Live!!! I love it. The only prob I had when I got it was that I had to get the updated drivers. Oh wait I can't seem to get Cubase to see it correctly but I do love it. I would look for a card that does all the sound processing itself (as apposed to one that relies on the cpu) I hear that the SB Live has come WAY down in price since I got it about a year ago. Hope this helps.

Clock on

I was thinking about getting the sound blaster live platinum 5.1 soon and I have an ASUS A7V133. Can someone enlighten me on the sort of problems there are? Can they be fixed with a certain driver? Thanks
Creative seems to have problems on occasional Via Chipsets.......I've been running Via for a couple years now, and maybe I'm lucky, but have yet to have any problems. Currently using the Live card but upgrading to an XGamer soon.
I'm not sure about your chipset specifically but my father and I both have via chipsets (I have 2 computers with them) and we both use soundblaster Live! cards. Neither of us have had any problems at all, infact it's probably the only part of my main system that hasn't given me problems at one time or another. I also have a Dxr2 and a cretive encore dvd and creative cd-rom that give me little to no grief. My father uses a creative cd-rom and a modem blaster without any trouble. Like I said, I'm not sure about the chipset on your board but my experience using Via chipsets and creative products has been pretty good.

Hope this helps a little.