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Which temp is correct?

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Senior Member
May 6, 2001
HOT 'n Arizona
I'm running MBM5. Let's say the CPU temp is 110f on MBM, I
reboot(clt,alt,del) into the bios, the temp is always 2 or 3 degrees
cooler in the bios. Which one is correct?

MSI K7T Turbo-R ver.1.0b16 140fsb
AMD 1gig Tbird @ 1120 axia01*****W Y611*****2
384mb cl.2 133 Crucial
2 Maxtor 7200rpm/100 striped
Radeon 64 ver.7089 "Raid-On" tweaker
Alpha 6935, Delta 38cpm
SBLive mp3 5.1
Soho Ethernet card
Win 98s

I think they are both right. The temp is affected by what processes the CPU is working on. My BIOS temp is hotter than the Idle temp reported in windows.
OnDborder (May 31, 2001 12:05 a.m.):
On mine it's the opposite, cooler in bios than on MBM5 and PCAlert, when I was using it.
That makes sense to me. I don't understand why mine is hotter in BIOS. Looks like it would be cooler.
The BIOS is more than likely correct. MBM interprets the temps. That's why it has a compensation area. I have mine to compensate by +1 degrees C just to be safe.