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Which vista should I get?

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Th3 F4ll3n P1mp

Jan 23, 2008
I plan to dual boot it with a linux OS (most likely gentoo). It has to be 64 bit, and work with dx10 etc etc. Specs are in sig. Which is best? Im thinking ultimate, but its a bit expensive, and what other features does it have compared to the other vistas?
get ultimate if you want dream scene, but in most cases home premium is what alot of people will end up with it has media center features and the likes.

business does have terminal services and ultimate has all that + dream scene, media center, and bitlocker (does that come with B?)
Whats deam scene exactly? I think ill go for home premium then. Btw, is there a way to get an OS that came with a pc on a hard drive and get it onto another hard drive? I already have home premium, and maybe I can get it onto my new rig.
aka it plays video in the background as your wallpaper

i think you can transfer the liscence to another board, you may want to look around i know there is a discussion on this somewhere here.
If it is OEM then it is not supposed to be transfered to another board. Essentially it is tied to the motherboard that it is installed onto. If you upgrade to another motherboard you need a new license, at least according to the EULA. Can you call them and get them to activate on a new board, probably but that is up to you and your morals. I went ahead and got a retail version knowing I would be changing out my motherboard several times in the time until Vista's replacement comes out, heck I already have once.