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which will be better??? RAID question

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May 5, 2003
I am doing video editing/capturing/encoding a lot. I need the best way to set this up.

I have 4 hard drive in total
1 120G Maxtor 2MB ATA133
1 30G Maxtor 2MB ATA100
2 80GB Western Digital ATA100 8MB

Should I:
1. Set up the RAID using 2 WD drive and install OS there, do all the video stuffs there, like saving, capturing , editing in that RAID
2. install OS and program in 1 of the maxtor and while capturing just save the file to the 2 RAID drive

Which will be the best.

Currently I am using the 2 RAID for everything ie. OS, video stuff all with the RAID drives and the others two just sit there as storage copy from the RAID.

I need your all expertise in RAID.


Oct 30, 2001
Well first thing is do you want to use raid for the speed or do you want it for the redundancy? I would not use the 30 gig in any raid configuration as the smallest drive will only put 30 gigs of info on the largest drive. I would use the 2 80 gig WD drives for the raid array. If you plan on putting a raid 1 array on either then it comes down to what you think is more important, your os or your video stuffs. An os can be reloaded, your video stuff might not be. If you just plan on a raid 0 array for speed then putting the os on the raid drive would be the best bet.


Apr 24, 2003
If you want Windows to load up fast, then put it on the RAID. That goes for your programs as well, but after startup they mainly run from RAM, so once they're on there, it won't matter which HDD they're on, speedwise.

Also, I don't think putting your OS and programs on a separate drive will make much of an improvement in any case since you can only access one drive at once. This is due to IRQs.