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which woulc you rather have?

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sifu quoc

Dec 17, 2000
which would you rather have?

here's a quick question...

i have bought 2 sticks of crucial 5b-c chips that are 512mb each... they didnt have 256mb sticks where i was at...

i also picked up some kingston value ram. they are 2 sticks of bt-d43 chips that are 256mb each

the ram will go to a t-bred system with nf7 mobo.

should i stick with 1 stick of the crucial? or the 2 sticks of the kingston? or should i use 1 gig of the crucial??

i wanted only 512mb... but if running dual ddr is better, then maybe i'll jsut keep the gig of crucial...

opinions wanted for what i should do. thank you
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DRAM Guru Senior
Feb 26, 2004
Ok, like what's the problem here? There's people out there that would kill for your ram, ok, maybe just maybe beat up and mutilate for your ram.

All kidding aside, and btw, I think you'll get much better responses here that where the question was posed earlier.

Here is my take, for what it is worth. The NF7, unless you go with one of the modded bios that tictac, trats and others have been working on, have a little bit of a problem with those 512 sticks and high fsb. If you are going to go with one of the modded BIOS and either the OCZ DDR Booster or a vdimm mod, then I would go with the pair of Micron based Crucial, as they will run at lower timings than the Hynix, but need the increased voltage to run at the higher speeds. Although the gig may not clock quite as well as 2 x 256, the loss shouldn't impact you that greatly and you would have sufficient memory, if you game, for upcoming games or more ram intensive apps. The Hynix will allow you to possibly run 240+ range at stock voltage, but you give up a little bit in the timings department.

Have you decided how much of this modding you are going to do to your board? I believe that the question needs to be answered before you can really decide which (and how much) ram to keep.

Have you read Sen's thread on the 35W mobile 2400 overclocking adventures? He started with the Hynix ram, then switched over to 2 x 256 Micron based KVR and posted some really nice benchies. He has some mods (L12, mofset cooling and others), but no vdimm mod that I recall, so his Micron is a little limited. He is still running around 240 something. It is good reading, if you haven't checked it out yet (AMD CPU section).


Sep 4, 2003
Salmon Arm BC CANADA
that said by Reefa_Madness i would go with the kingston

cuz it didnt sound like u were going to mod this board.
so if yuo wana oc and not mod the board the kingston is what u want imo.

sifu quoc

Dec 17, 2000
thank you all.... i htink ill stick with the crucial now... the kingston at bb in minneapolis was like $160 after tax... and $140 at cc.

i think ill buy 2 sticks of crucial at newegg for $88, and do the swap thing, cuz its expensive at bb

thank you agian... and i'll do more reading now...

ps: i'll be doing some mobo mods as well... what fun!!!