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While Streaming Dropped Frames/Packet loss

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Jan 2, 2003
Nebraska USA
Ok guys first off I know I only come around when I got problems and I need to give you guys a shout out for helping me when I need it. But I'm in need of help once again.

I'm and little YouTuber & Twitch streamer and I use OBS.. mostly its World of Warcraft, World of Tanks or Overwatch. So here is the issue. I recently upped my COX Cable speeds and had to get a new Modem/Router combo. I got the Arris Surfboard TG2472, my speeds are sapossibly 300 down & 30 up... I get more like 200 & 20. looking for someone who knows this unit.

Here is a link to my unit on Portforward

I haven't twitched if a few weeks, moms been sick but since my last time when I had no issues, since then I got the new router & a free McAfee Antivirus/Firewall from Cox since I had no AV and I kinda like it I installed it, now I drop frames when hosting ..... I cant for the life of me figure out why I'm dropping so much when I try and host. When I turn off McAfee & DMZ myself with in the router, everything works as intended, no drops. I felt it is wiser to ask before just changing stuff blindly. I know this works but id like to get it working correctly with no DMZ needed.

I can get all my obs settings if needed but I feel its the router not configured correctly but I'm not sure what to change. I know a few years back when I got the last one I followed a post on here to get it set up and never had issues.

Rob aka Noobtasitc on YouTube & Twitch


Contributing Member
Sep 16, 2003
Knoxville, TN
While I work in telco cable is not my area of expertise however from what little I know about it most DOCSIS 3.0 connections stream across 8 channels. Most ISPs overshoot provisioning to account for overhead and the like so the fact that your connection is 200/20 is suspect to me unless you are wireless so that'd be the first question. The reason I say that is this:

300 / 8 = 37.5, round up to 38 = 304
30/8 = 3.7 rounding up to 4 = 32

So your connection should be in the 32/304 range ish or some multiple of 8 so without more information this could be either a service issue where one of the multiplexed bands is either down or isn't being picked up by your gateway or this is a wireless issue which could be a whole host of things including the limitations of whatever gateway you were provided.

Ill give an example of a wireless limit.

I have gigapower provided by my employer, on the provisioning no overhead is accounted for so I get what I get up to 1gbit. On Cat 6 cable to the gateway I typically get about 950mb/s down and about 930mb/s up, wireless-ly since it is only AC1300 I get about 230mb/s down & up on my iphone. Why? Wireless in general has 1/2 throughput of a wired connection so my max no matter what I do is going to be at best 650mbps. But it's not, why? Well because the radio in the Iphone SE I am using is capable of a maximum of 450mb/s link, divide that by two and you get 225mbps which is exactly what I get.

Does that make sense?