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Who has Kingwin case here?

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Goo Kenson

Sep 17, 2002
I have the KT-436BK-WM black version and it owns! Sometimes I wish it only had one side window, because it's a little useless and flashy, cos all you can see is the back of the mobo plate, but the case itself is great with the 4 front USB 2.0 ports, front firewire port, etc. and it comes with 5 80mm case fans, not counting psu fan. All well placed, top blowhole, 2 front bottom intake, 2 top back exhaust, and even a pci slot plate cover thign that has a hole in it to stick cables through. And slide out mobo tray

Anyway, I havn't really seen anyone talk about Kingwin cases, mostly just Antec, Chieftec, Lian Li etc. but Kingwins really are damn good :D Pretty expensive, but considering that it's pretty much pre-modded with all the fans you'll ever need, it's still a good deal. It also looks tight
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Sep 5, 2002
Minneapolis, MN
I have the same one. I got mine after I won 300 dollars from the casino. I guess you could say it was free. When I got mine it did not come with the top blowhole but I really do like it. My case stays cool and it looks great. Alot of people do not use them and I have no clue why not, they are great.


Oct 15, 2002
I just got this case...Black Directron SF201-B
which may be like Urs...the only thing that I can say about it at this time is that my wife asked me..."why is it so big..."
I only wish that she wasn't talking about the case...

I haven't set uP the system in it yet...however with the Swiftech MCX462U heatsink and the fans in this case...I'm looking forward to some pretty kewl system temps...


A Man of Wealth & Taste

Outta my mind...back in 5 min:cool:


Senior Member
Jul 8, 2002
I have the blue Directron version, and so far I'm really happy with it. Only problem is that its not quite big enough to hold the watercooling stuff I'd like to do.


Mar 24, 2002
Plymouth, MN
Not cheap is right, but when your willing to spend a little extra cash for show at lan parties this is an awesome case, and very practicle too. I have a radiator blowing into the case and watercooled cpu and case temps are only like 3-5'C degrees above ambient. I would defiently buy the case again.