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Who in the heck makes this motherboard?? Please someone help!!

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Feb 2, 2001
Roanoke, VA
Ok, I need some help here, no, wait...alot of help. I have this computer that I am working on for a friend, and I already figured out the problem that he is having, but in order to get it working I have to find out who makes the stupid motherboard!! And I don't have ANY leads. I only have a little information, but I REALLY hope that this information will return some results. Ok, here is everything I know about the board:

It has a socket 7 adapter
3 DIMMS slots
AWARD Bios v4.51PG 1984-98, M577+ITE8661-2A5LEH0AC-00
It has one built in 5 pin keyboard jack
the chipset is an AGP Pro PC100. It has this stuff printed on it,
H.T. 82C598AT

This motherboard is also an AT/ATX MB. It has a power plug in for an ATX, and an AT power box. The power box that it has now is an AT power box.

That is about all the information I have right now, and that was all stuff I picked up by looking at the board. If anyone needs any specific information then please post what you need and I'll try to find it. Thanks everyone.
THAT IS THE BOARD!!! The only difference is that the one I have is for AMD cpus and that one says for pentiums. Oh well, that must be the board!!! THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOHOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :burn: :) :D
Well, it's a socket 7 board, so like the site says, it can run a Pentium, a Cyrix or a k6-2. It can also run a k6-2+, which would be the best CPU you could run. If your friend is interested, Tiger Direct has K6-2+450's for $35.00, and I could give you a link to a site that has a BIOS just for this board with that CPU.
Cool, I think there already is a K6 in there though. But go ahead and post the link just in case. Thanks