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who rolls with a 1MBps+ connection here??

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Oct 3, 2002
Walla Walla
whos the cats with the bandwidth?

post up screens if your for reals.

here is just a quick test run at the time of posting this thread... not as fast as she goes, but its not slow either.

i usually hit 2Mbit, once in a while i can hit 2.5Mbit though. i'll post a screenshot later, i have a few things going that i can't just stop.

btw, what's your upload?
damn I want that download and upload but I am getting optimum soon...

right now with comcast I got 1.5Mb down and 128Kb up...hate that upload

I'm too lazy to post the image, but I'm rated at 1.8M/128k with Comcast. The speed tests posted above gave me a bit over 1000 k/sec, but I was downloading a bit too. Usually download around 160k+/sec if I get a good server.
My connection has been pretty good this year. I top out at 3100KBs. A lot better than when I first got it at 700KBs.
Time Warner is the ISP.
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i hate my brother's and their high speed T3 connections. They get like 5000+ kbps - 10,000kbps, when i only get like 300-700kbps.
64026402 said:
My connection has been pretty good this year. I top out at 3100MBs. A lot better than when I first got it at 700MBs.
Time Warner is the ISP.

WOW! 3.1Gigabits/second! I want it! :eek: :D :eek:
mine is really messed up... its like a really fast car... it only goes fast in one direction "downloading" and its sooooo slow in the other "uploading" i can only upload @ 75kb/sec :( oh well i dont uplaod much stuff other than pictures. p.s. in the pic my connection isnt always that fast, today is acceptional.. normal down around hrm 6-7... why is my storage so slow ? do i need a new hdd ?
the 'Storage' reading is just telling you what your bandwith is in megabytes/sec instead of megabits/sec (1 byte = 8 bits). all bandwith quotes frmo ISP's are in megabits/Kilobits, it looks better.