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SOLVED Who should I belive????

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PIII 700e Abit BE6 II slot 1

Ok Im using a kinda home rig peltier,Now under windows ME running MBM 5. It says in at 14C for the CPU But when I goto the BIOS it says something like 30-35C
This is the non overclocked temp
Non-overclocked, and with a peltier, I would say that 14c is the correct temp. I have the same setup as you (P3-700 on BE6-2), and it's about 28c when it isn't overclocked.

Don't you have a probe or something, you can use?
Ok hears the next question:
I did some playing with it today and added another copper plate(That makes 2 now) And its at about 10c (Still not overclocked) and when I run prim 95 its jumps to about 35c is that normal??

Now when I start increasing the fsb it runs alot hotter this is a cBO PIII So I know I should be able to overclock the snot out of it But Im gonna wait to get my water rig first Cuz I just dont like this Garage rigged TEC Set up I have now.

What do you have your multiplyer set at?? FSB?? Voltage??
Any other tricks I should know??

I Also have (1)128 meg ram PC133,Ans (1)Stick of 128 meg PC100 in the system.
Will this confuse the motherboard??
I would start by removing the 1 stick of 100MHz RAM you have, when experimenting with overclocking...

My FSB is currently 140MHz, on a P3-700, giving me (7 x 140) 980MHz, for a CPU just like yours. CPU voltage is 1.75v, I/O is 3.3v.

Are you using 2 copperplates? Are you sure that the CPU is connected to the heatsink properly? 35c is HOT with a peltier setup. Does the peltier work at all??? :) Try removing the peltier, and just use the stock hsf, and see what happens.
In my opinion ,your heat sink is not removing enough heat from the peltier ,,thats why the temps skyrocket when you load it up ,,it takes a big *** sink to cool a peltier and a CPU thats clocked up ,,even the "alphas" will barely do it