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who uses operamail?

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All that is Man!
Nov 24, 2001
Stillwater, Oklahoma
ive been having a problem with operamail recently. i can go to my inbox on my comp, but i cant actually look at the emails. when i click on the link...nothing happens. but the thing is, it works on my brothers computer just fine.

any ideas? opera 7.10, and 7.11 both do it. whats the deal? the only way i can look at the emails, is to copy the link, and delete the javascript part. then i can read it.


Official X-Hour Man
Feb 3, 2002
A reformat will probably fix it. :D

By the way I had the same problem and a reformat did solve it.

I also once had a problem with opera that ocforums.com would cause an error, and a reformat solved it all.


Sparkomatic Moderator
Apr 29, 2002
Use Opera just as a browser and get a dedicated email client like Pegasus or the Bat!.

I'm sorry I can't help you with M2. Opera 7 has a lot of issues to iron out. It has great potintial but they tried to pack too much in one package too fast. Now there's daily breakage. I switched to Mozilla Firebird 0.6 as it is more stable and doesn't seem to crash like Opera has been. I'm a paid registered Opera user waiting for the next update and fixes.

Try taking your mail folder and backing it up, uninstall opera, do a registry cleanup and reinstall opera and reimport your mail box folder.