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Who uses WPCREDIT for idle temp decrease??

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New Member
May 23, 2001
if you never heard of it go to http://www.athlonoc.com/tweakvia1.htm

For people who do use it or have heard of it does it hurt anything for me to change offset 52 to EB and change??
when i did this my sound was distorted so i changed offset 70, bit 2 to enable. this caused my temperature to drop more and sound to clear up.

I have asus a7v133 - athlon 1ghz @ 1.4
now idling 10 degrees lower thanks to this at 33degrees

Does this hurt anything or does anyone have any comments about me doing this. Any horor stories or stories of "JOY" are appriciated greatly.
Dude thanks for the tip! I have used wpcredit before but I didnt know about this hack. I just tried this on my pops computer and the temps dropped from 45c to 34c! Register 70 bit 2 was for the sound fix correct?
Ya that additional register 70 with bit 2 enabled dropped my temp 4 more degrees and fixed my sblives sound quality problem....i was really impressed with this however does it hurt anything, currupt any windows files or slow the computer down??
ya it works but im just hoping its not degrading any perfomance or putting any extra stress on anything. i jsut heard some stories about people getting currupt vxds and stuff like that...i wanted to know if it happend to many others. i just want to have my computer as stable as possible!
I tried that and can't play my movies no more, and my mouse froze intermittently !!?
same thing happened to me bro!! too bad the temp decrease would have been nice!! Anyone know a fix for this??