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Who was it that helped me out???

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Apr 10, 2001
About a month ago I posted a question asking for the formulae to determine the heat transfer coefficient or air vs. water and someone was kind enough to respond. I e-mailed this person asking for their name to put in a write up I'm doing on my water cooling project as I wanted to give them credit for helping me with the formulae. Well, last night in my lack of sleep state, I hit the wrong button when doing a ghost image of my drive and erased the drive. I have to reinstall everything, and thus lost this person's name and e-mail. If it was you could you please e-mail me or respond to this post so I can give you credit for the help.

U could search your posts? that might work better. and how in the world did you delete your drive??
el (Jun 08, 2001 11:00 a.m.):
U could search your posts? that might work better. and how in the world did you delete your drive??

Why didn't I think of that? I found the post, thanks.

About the drive....

I just got my water cooling unit built and was anxious to test it out. It had been running in my system for a couple days and was doing great. I decided it was time to run some benchmarks and Prime 95 to see what max temps I could expect. I decided to ghost my image back from a month ago because something had been causing my system to lag the past couple weeks (I suspect a new vid driver but couldn't correct it). So, I pop in ghost, and the CD the image was on and in my haste to get this menial task out of the way I instructed ghost to "write disk" instead of "write partition" and it knocked out my partitions. I went back and formatted the drive and repartitioned it thinking I'd just ghost it back, but for some reason changing the partition size messed up the dumping of the image and after the dump was complete none of the programs, shortcuts, or links would work. I tried it three times to be sure. So I started the lengthy process of reinstalling everything last night. Hopefully I'll be 90% done tonight.

The bad part is, the partition it knocked out was my backup partition so I still lost 3 months worth of utils, documents, e-mails, etc since the last backup CD I made was in March 14 2001. I used to make backup CDs religiously every month, but since I hadn't had any problems lately I had slacked off. Guess I've learned my lesson now!

Wish me luck!