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whoever uses 8K5A2+'s onboard sound, soundman.exe wont open!

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Oct 23, 2002
I installed the sound drivers when I first built the system and a little icon appeared in the task bar allowing me to set the setting for the speakers I had(avance sound manager), and it let me test them. Anyway, I dunno what I did, but I think I chose to hide it or something but now I cant get back into it. I can tell the program is running in the background when I hit crl-alt-del b/c it says soundman.exe unter tasks. And when I open it from the start menu it loads b/c I see a little hour glass for a split second, but nothing pops up. I'm using Win XP and I made sure it doesn't hide the icon. I tried reinstalling the drivers, that didn't work. Anyone know how I cant open it up again?
try restarting.. unless htis happens ever time, one itme it failed and i couldnt restar the soundman thing... so i restarted and it came back in my tray:D :eh?: :D
No luck whatsoever. I've tried every thing there is. Oh well, luckily I'm getting my new soundcard soon.
I completely removed the drivers and reinstalled the ones on the CD, Its the soundmanager.exe file that I cant open.

a quick question though, should I hear sound out of the rear speakers if I'm just playing an mp3 in winamp?

or just the fronts and woofer?
I wouldnt know, never tried with more than 2 spk. You need to fiddle with ehhh Soundmanager... you should try the newest drivers. Cd have 3.22 or something. Install must be screwed up good.

A3.35 -
1. change company name from "Avance" to "Realtek".
2. add some new ID of motherboard
3. change some default settings for specific models

A3.32 -
1. compensate the gain for 3D sound when 2 speaker mode was selected.
2. support memory I/O for ICH4/ICH5 chipset
3. support SPDIF AC-3 playback using DirectSound API for ICH4/SiS chipset
4. correct DataRange declaration of S/PDIF pin to avoid blue screen on Win2000 with DirectX 8.1 installed.

A3.30 -
1. turn on/off EAPD by GPIO for specific model
2. correct EAX initial setting.
3. support I3DL2 interface
4. fix wake on ring problem
5. support DirectSound 3D positional audio by using HRTF algorithm
6. Add "Loudness" control for ALC202/ALC202A.

A3.29 -
1. Add "S/PDIF IN/OUT Pass-Through" mode for specific model
2. fix S/PDIF-In Realtime monitor noise issue
3. fully support EAX compatible sound effect
4. fix S1 suspend/resume failure problem for some specific model using SiS audio controller
5. only disable "3D depth" line for specific model
6. duplicate analog input source according to output channel mode
7. support DirectSound hardware acceleration features by default
8. fix WinDVD problem when enabling video acceleration

A3.26 -
1. Improve compatibility with Agere software modem
2. Improve recording quality when IDE was in PIO mode.
3. Remove 3D Depth mixer line for some models

A3.23 -
1. Add "Loudness" mixer control for ALC650 front channel.
2. Add "SPDIF in pass through to SPDIF output" option for specific model.
3. Remove 3D depth mixer line.
4. Improve compatibility with WinDVD 4.0 playing AC3 bit stream through DirectSound API.
5. Improve recording quality for some specific models.
hmm, i had to reformat my comp due to other reasons and I got it back now. when I test the rear speakers with the sound manager sound comes out, but no sound comes out while playing UT2003 or listening to an mp3 with winamp.