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Whoever uses coolbits to OC.

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Oct 23, 2002
I had the gainward Expert Tool, but I decided to install coolbits, and its letting me OC further than the Expert Tool was. But the annoying thing is, Everytime windows starts up it does the weird thing were your screen goes black like two times while its setting the settings. Does everyone elses do that?

And where I set the clocksetting with coolbits, it says I'm running 285 for core and 530 for memory. But when I open up the gainward expertool it only reports it as 270 and 527 or something like that. Which should I beleive?

This is for a Gainward Geforce4 Ti4200 128mb Golden Sample btw.


Dec 20, 2000
BC Canada
The black screen is totally normal. Coolbits tests the oc settings before it sets them. As for the clock differences, I would go with the coolbits clocks, because I have found that RivaTuner is the same way. RivaTuner says my stock clocks are 272/405 when coolbits says 270/400.


I use the nVidia clock setting tool in the 40.71 drivers. Not as good as RivaTuner, but oh well. And for some reason RivaTuner stopped letting me set my clock speeds...I dont know why, but no matter how many freaking times I tell it to reboot and detect the clock, it wont let me....it just started doing that one day...odd...

Oh yea, and make sure you tell coolbits to NOT set the clock frequency when you start up. It is convienent, but should it become nescessary for you to put the clock back at normal, due to freezing because of being too high, you're screwed.


Aug 3, 2001
CoolBits is a registry hack to unlock the Clock Frequency Settings from within NVidias Control panel its free & you can enter the values yourself.

  • CoolBits = DWord value 7
  • NvCplEnableAGPSettingsPage"= DWord value 1
The second one releases another feature that you would normally not see there.

The screen blinks a few seconds after you boot to tell you that it is in fact applying the changes & gives you the option to hit CTRL if you dont want your setting to change so it really isnt a problem.

You can also change the default 25% overclock to more with a little bit more registry work & it helps if you know the clown in the Simpsons(no joke).