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Who's got the best prices on the net for Hsf??

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Mar 22, 2001
I am in the market for a new HSF. There are so many sites that have different flavors and prices. I want to get better temps than my Alpha 6035 but don't want the fan noise. Any suggestions??
(by the way, Taisol is out)
You can do better than 6035, but you have to keep in mind that high performance and noise go hand-in-hand. The faster you pump air, the more effective your heatsink will be. Certainly there is an upper limit where diminishing returns occur, but the faster you push air, especially with an axial fan, the more noise it makes. There is no magic here. Ed put it, quite colorfully, into perspective, with his post:

Don't read this if you have "thin skin". ;D

i think on the net its a crap-shoot, prices fluctuate, but you almost always have to pay shipping. That's why if you live in a town where there's a Fry's, a Compusa, or what-have-you, even though the base price is usually higher you get it cheaper in a walk-in store.

Granted, most of the time you won't find the higher end items except on the web, but for instance compusa sells some thermaltake products, and fry's has a bunch of different orbs.

There's a place here in San Diego, "Computer Depot Warehouse', which now sells swiftech products, including the mc462a.

Don't forget to check out the buying guides listed on the home page.
Give 3dfxcool.com a look good prices fair shipping and a satisfaction guarantee that can't be beat. I have had very positive experiences' dealing with them.