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who's my master browser?

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Apr 19, 2002
Burnsville, Minnesota
Is there a util for XP that will show me my master browser? I know the w2k resource kit has it. Will the w2k resource kit work with xp/pro? I know there are a couple of reg hacks I can do (isdomainmaster, maintainserverlist)

My pc, xp/pro does not retrieve a full list of browsable pc's on my 9 pc home network. The event log on my pc, has entries every 5 minutes, complaing that it can't apply the my network name, because another pc won't give it up. The other pc is a linux box running samba and I have it configured 'not' to be a master browser. I can shut samba down on the linux box, and my box stops complaining. I can only 'see' 3 pc's , mine (in basement), w98 pc and an xp box (upstairs) All pc's upstairs can 'see' every pc on the network. They are all in the same workgroup. Just my pc, is getting an updated list of pc's

su root

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Aug 25, 2001
Ontario, Canada
The master browser can usually be found by looking around. Out of all of your computers, the one with the highest level OS will take the master browser. Server operating systems are higher on the list. If you are running a server with a Server OS, then that most likely has the master browser, otherwise, your WinXP box will have it.

What exactly is that event log error? (Run it through MS Knowledge base to find out exactly what it's telling you).

You should also be able to identify your master browser through any machine's event logs. Every time you turn on/off a computer, an election will be held, and that will create a few event logs detailing the process.

Try turning off your current master browser, wait a few minutes, and see if you get an entire list of all the computers.

Win2k Resource Kit should work with XP, but I wouldn't trust it to do any modifications to the system.