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Who's the smartest guy here...?

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Mar 21, 2001
that can answer the questions of the dumbest guy?

Ok, now that you're here I have some questions that I have not been able to find answers for....which means they are stupid. (I have an EP7KXA)

In my soft bios I can adjust bus speeds from 83Mhz up to 115Mhz. In all cases a PCI bus divider is applied. I can make my 750 CPU run at 859 (3dm2k1 reading) with 115 FSB here. (I am assuming that the PCI and AGP settings were applied automatically, I'll check that later.) So how do I get to 133mhz FSB?

I also have a jumper on the board that offers a CPU clock of 133mhz so 7.5 X 133 =997.5. Is the max I can overclock? ...33% increase seems high. But I think the bus speed and CPU clock are independent of each other, right? So would the max be 9.975 *115 = 1147 mhz? It would certainly be dumber than I am to overclock that far but is this a correct calculation?

The BIOS offers the ability to run the memory at either -33, +0, or +33 Mhz faster than the selected bus speed. What's the disadvantage to that?

One review said this, "A set of jumpers offers the boards voltage tweaking, with 1.6,
1.65, 1.7, 1.75 and 1.8v selectable via a combination of 5 DIP switches...." but then didn't say why or when you would tweak the voltage. So here I am asking why? when?

One last thing, at 750 mhz after running all night the bios said the CPU was at 91 deg F, and the system 93 deg. Last night when I was screwing around, I was running overclocked at 825 and 862, both had temps of cpu=96 and sys=93 (i may not have let the 862 run long enough for an accurate comparison). I have a heatsink and double fan, is that gonna be enough or should I get a chassis fan? I don't know if I have thermal grease there, either as bought the mobo with cpu installed. At what temp should I get worried?

Please help...only you can prevent forest fires!

Also, without any system, vid card, or registry tweaks I have benchmarks of:

2084 @ 750; 2249 @ 825; 2430 @ 862

With Radeon 64 DDR and 192 MB cheapo RAM, any good?

Doing all the tweaks from speedguide.net what can expect? roughly?

Man you must be desperate - with that headline :)

First off you must unlock your CPU - search the forum for that topic or the pencil trick topic.

With an unlocked CPU you can increase or reduce the multiplier, and thus raise or reduce the CPU speed independently of FSB. This is good, if your max FSB is limited (e.g. 115) since you can still get more out of your CPU. This is also important if you want to use a significantly higher FSB than what the CPU was specified for (such as 133). Without reducing the multiplier it is often unlikely that a CPU will boot at 133 (obviously 33% above spec.), but by reducing the multiplier you can still boot at the new FSB, without the CPU being a factor.

Now with the unlocked CPU, reduce the multiplier to say 6 and try to boot at 133. You should also see that there may be other values above 133 that you can aim for. Give that a try, after you have established what your max CPU frequency is.
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