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Why can i POST at like 2.45 but windowsXP wont boot?

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Jan 23, 2002
yuba city
i can get good posts at like 2.4-5 but windows xp always gets errors and wont boot if i up my fsb above 166 (multi of 5)

seems like a dif error each time but mostly blue screen memory dumps and corupted sys files

why do i get this

[btw mobo in rma so im without my sys right now
I'm thinking it's your RAM. What type do you have? Also, are you sure it's really a 5x multi? Maybe when you set it to 5 in your BIOS it's actually 14 or whatever.. Just a thought.
sory have not updated my sig

ram corsair 512 pc2700 [umm what is good voltage?]

i got a kd7 ABIT [currently being rma'ed for other reasons] i do not know why it would not be using a 5multi it says its using a 5x multi i told it to use a 5x multi....

iv pushed voltages up to 2.0 no luck... from what i hear over 2 is not realy safe.. with the new .13 xp's

i am rma'ing my mobo with some hdd controller problems perhaps that was also causing corruption?

.... so confused
maybe its the ram and can't go higher. but i got a blue screen when my hdd had data corruption. that kinda sounds like what you're talking about. maybe, just an idea.
actualy now dat u mention it i rma my mother board cuz [i think anyt way] my hdd controller was messed up it kept corupting the drive for no reason and was having some messed up issiues so i juz rma the board hopefully the new board will not have these problems...
It sounds like the BSOD is either attributed to your 2400+ or your DDR. I would say taking the Vdimm up to 2.8v-2.9v is a fairly safe limit. Also see if more Vcore eliminates the BSOD, at least then you would know which component is the culprit, even if you don't want to run over 2v consistently. Also increase the multi and lower the fsb(to make sure it isn't another part of your system, such as the hdd or video),
toddalaska said:
over 2 is safe as long as your temps are good.

temps are the enemy not voltage

Not entirely true. Pumping more voltage through your processor, no matter how cool you keep it, will destroy the pathways in the silicon that much quicker.