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Why do dvd roms hate me?

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Feb 25, 2002
Calgary AB Canada
Ok here's the scoop it's a bit of a read. In the beginning I had a pioneer dvd 106s that was in my pc. It would play all manners of dvd's flawlessly. Then a year after it started not to play my cartoon series dvd's and my concert dvd's. Before long it would no longer accept movie dvd's aswell. The whole time it would do fine with cd roms cdrw and cdr's not to mention games on dvd's were flawless too. Some days it would play a disc, the next day it wouldn't. I tried a dvd cleaning disk but it wouldn't read it and spat it back out. I in return cracked her open and cleaned the lenses with iso and a lint free cloth. This did not work. I went out and picked up another dvd rom drive (artec 16xdvd rom) and all was working nice for about 2 weeks. Now it too is refusing to play certain dvd's at certain times, just like the pioneer did. This is really bugging me. I've tried running at stock speeds and that does not fix the issue. I've tried enabling/disabling dma and that's a no go. There are no irq conflicts with the drive and the master/slave jumpers are all set correctly. I don't think it is a software issue as the dvd's aren't getting read period, it will say no disk in drive g: or disk with an unsupported format in drive g:. Can someone help please! my pc is my dvd player and I'm just plain sick of this.