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Why does Homeworld 2 have to be so HARD?!

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Jul 12, 2002
Columbus, OH - GO BUCKS!
AAAaaahh! This game is impossible! The first game was a challenge, but was very fulfilling when you beat it. But this one...sheesh...I'm stuck on the 4th level! And I got atleast 8 more to go! Any tips for the 4th level (The Gehenna Outskirts mission)?

Still love the game though, don't get me wrong. Multiplayer and player vs. cpu is AMAZING. Its just that the story is sooo good, and you can't get enough of it. It doesn't help that the game is so hard, it takes so much work just to learn more of the story. Ugh, frustrating. Homeworld fanboy can't even beat his favorite game.


Jul 30, 2003
Tip; Your frigates suck, dont build them. Only go for pulsar corvettes and capital ships. And maybe some fighters/bombers.


Aug 13, 2003
i jut got a ton of those flak ships and the pulars corvettes and that combo did me fine for msot of the gam, try that


Caffinated Member
Apr 6, 2001
Mount Vernon, WA
Er... My complaint with this game was it was too EASY!

You must really be horrible at resource/ship management ;)
Best advice is to assign your ships to different # groups based on their type. Fighters for #1, corvetts for #2, frigates for #3, etc. Then in the middle of battle assign each group to fight what ships they are best at fighting.

I hate it when I see these n00bs assign everything to one number and just tell them to attack one thing. Fighters facing my battlecruiser instead of my other fighters just irks me for some reason...