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Why does my 2.5v Value only say.....

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Feb 2, 2001
0.31v....??? I have to say I only have a 300Watt PSU with a Athlon [email protected](somewhere around there) I am Running BurnIn Test, HeavyLoad, And CPU Stability Test right now. Could that Matter? Is that going to be a Problem? Is that the Possible Reason I can't Switch Jumper to 133FSB and can't overclock too high? I have the IWill KK266 ver 1.2 with the b bridge thing or something. Could ya help a Poor Newbie out? Thanks oh yeah My Via Hardware Monitor System v1.07 is what is giving me the Info. How Accurate is this For Voltages and Temps. Because It says My Current Temp is
50c after running these tests for 12 mins so Far. Is that high Temp? i have a Tai Sol CG792 or something..The Good one I guess...lol...Sorry..not quite sure. with just a stock Fan it came with. I do however have a 12inch Floor Stand fan Blowing in Case....Until i get more fans. So back to the Low Voltage...how accurate Is my Monitoring Program with Volts and Temps. and Is my 2.5v too Low and My CPU temp too high....Atleast by the Program?...Thank You again
One more thing......???..Why am I a Visitor Still? Did I sign up in the wrong place? I noticed I have more posts then some, but Am Still a Visitor while they are members...Did I screw up and does it really Matter?
Why is your 2.5v so low?
I have no idea. I have the same board and mine is also 0.3something. Maybe someone else can answer that.

As for your temps. 50 is kinda hot. The general concensous is that anything below 40 is good and 50 is the upper limit. To lower your temps you can get a better HSF, but first check your core voltage. This board has a habit of setting the core voltage a bit high (about 0.07 or 0.08 on average). Try setting your core voltage in your bios to 1.675 and then check it after you reboot. it should read close to the default voltage of 1.75.

As for not being able to set the jummper at 133fsb, you're gonna need to provide more info. But here is a link with a posible cause and solution.

Well Right Now My Temp is 24c....Is that good?..Is this Hardware Monitor even accurate? 50c is what it gets too When I run 3 Stability Programs at Once. So I'd imagine 50c isn't too awful bad...but what do I know. When I run 1 Stability Program my temp stays below 50c. I run Burn-In, HeavyLoad, and CPU Stability Test at once. And I am O/Ced from 1200 to 1350. But I agree a Better HSF would help. But it works for now. And As for the Not being able to set jumper to 133FSB...I'm about to just forget about it. If it's something In my System..Oh well I wouldn't beable to run my System without everything. I tried Unhooking Everything, but Video Card and My Monitor still wouldn't turn On, but I swear The PC was Booting up.