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Why doesn't my turbo mode go up to 24x on Gigabyte p55-ud4p

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Nov 18, 2009
hi everybody... this is something i've been wondering for a while. here's my config...

gigabyte p55-ud4p
core i5 750
2 x 2gb g-skill ddr3-1600

my problem is... in bios, my multiplier settings are 20x for normal operation and 21x for turbo mode. there is no option to increase turbo mode to 24x.

what's even more strange is... the cpu stays at 21x ALL the time (except when it's idle, it goes down to 9x). even when the system POSTs, it says 21x 2.80ghz, instead of the correct 20x 2.66ghz.

i am not currently overclocking, bclk is at default 133.

what could my problem be? i'm running the latest bios update from gigabyte.

thanks everybody!
That is correct. 21x IS turbo mode. Intel's design is that all four cours will go up one multiplier, if two of the four go into idle states, one or two cores will go up to 24x. The minute any other cores do anything, it drops back to 21x. This happens so fast and so often, it's hard to see with software.

Going down to 9x is due to C1E and EIST. If you don't want that, you can turn it off in the BIOS.
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Turbo mode is a nice tool to have. I have it disabled myself. I've used it a few times. No need to use it when I'm clocked @ 3.8Ghz.

Right now my rig is stable and fast. Don't want ruin a good thing. :)
I have Turbo OFF but EIST and C1E ON.

For some reason though Windows 7 refuses to boot when I have C3/C6 etc state enabled (unless running at stock). :(