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why haven't laptop prices dropped in a year?

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Feb 7, 2003
i've been looking around for a cheap 'gaming' laptop (SPARE THE LECTURE PLZ) with a decent gpu.

last year i seem to remember regretting not pulling the trigger on something with a radeon 3650 for $550...

nowadays looking around newegg i see they're still selling stuff with a 3650 for $600 or more. comparable nvidia-equipped machines seem to start at $650.

i really figured they would have dropped a bit by now. what gives? maybe i should wait till after xmas for the price drops?


Mar 8, 2004
What do you want this stuff to be free, come on. Sure prices can drop even more, then people will complain about decreased quality, service, and other stuff. $650 that's cheap. 5 years ago I paid $1200 for low level laptop.

Also with increase in technology you are getting more even if you don't want to. Like you may not want 250gb hard drive or more but current system are shipped with at least of that. In the beginning of they year they were shipped with 160gb. This is just an example.

Many components come from different countries. Weaker dollar pushes prices of components higher.


Feb 22, 2009
As what was pointed out earlier. The recession under inflated price on lots of things, especially electronics. It was all stores could do to stay in business, even if it meant taking a loss. Better to lose 50 dollars than 1000. That being said, prices have started to return to normal which is why you won't see the same prices as you saw last year.

You should have pulled the trigger.:rolleyes:


Dec 14, 2009
I was wondering that as well. I am in the market for a laptop (or a desktop...depending on the mood I am in) and have been shopping around for quite awhile, but I as well have noticed that prices are not dropping like they would any other time. As someone mentioned, it's the crap that our economy is in.....and like another says, I should just "pull the trigger" and get one.


Nov 15, 2007
that is a very good deal. i thought nvidia had that failure problem. or else it would be nice to see their offerings too. you could also wait till September or second quarter to see what they have on sale. (deal looks good enough to get already)