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Why is it so DEAD in here???

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Dec 18, 2001
Subject says it all??? Just wondering why there isn't any action?? Very few new posts, very few answers??

Just curious, are people really busy??

As I mainly roam here in the mornings, I can say that almost all of our regulars drop here and there in the morning but most of them hang in here after work hours......
I don't want to name names but seems like we are missing a bunch of people?? About a month ago we were posting about as much as the Folding Forum but we fell WAY behind them:( Just not as much fun for me around here? :( Hope it picks up soon!!
I've been busy. I was home from work yesterday because the spousal unit was ill. I figured it was a good time to rework some systems at home to make doing some testing at home easier. I didn't realize Murphy had also taken the day off to hang around at my place.

I lost a drive in my home server that was also running my SETIQueue. Of course the drive failed while I was reburning another system and that system's data was copied to the server when it decided to go south. If anybody is keeping score, it was an IBM 60GXP of Thai origin. IBM has lost my business forever. I was able to pick up a Maxtor 30GB ATA133 drive for $49.99 after rebate. I at least had all of my home systems back crunching last night.

Behond that, work is unreal. I've got meetings that start at 8am, and for the next two days, have meetings that won't end until 8pm. Rollin', Rollin', Rollin'...
Well I wasn't going to name people but you were the two I was talking about :D:D Good to hear from a couple of quiet ones:)
hi guys! haven't have a chance to visit not saying post in the forum lately!! sorry everyone!!

been quite busy lately. and my new "toy" is coming and taking up quite a bit of my seti time. i'll let you guys know when it arrive!! ;)

plus other life stuffs. like, family/friends/people/etc. trying to spend some more time with those who are around me. (like.......started to see my ex. again after broke up almost 2 yrs ago, and she's quite special to me as she's the only girl i've thought of marry her.....just started to hang out again with mine & her friends, will see, and can't make the same mistake again....no time for her!)

also, as i've said before, i'm taking a little break from seti as it's taking up quite a bit of my time and left me no time for other life stuffs (friends/work/other big boy toy/etc.)

however, i'm still crunching along, just not spending as much time maintening them as before. (you know, not checking on the rank/stats every other hours :p )

and i'm still trying to stop by as often as possible and read as much thread as time allow too! i'm still here, just take a step back only. :cool:

(p.s. for all of those who had sent in their benchie result. i have them all. and i'll try my best to update it asap!! really terribly sorry 'bout that!! i'm sorry!! :eh?: )

lastly..................Crunch On!!! i'm still following Mictlan's graph/update ;)
hehe nice to hear from you Landshark - whats your new toy??
As Ive said b4 any help needed on site updates I am sure lots of us would be happy to chip in and help.:D
It's all my fault:(

I haven't posted in over a week:rolleyes:

but now I'm back so just watch the crowd come alive:cool:
dear Landshark,

real life is called real for one reason : it's real !!!

enjoy every single bit of it
be it partner, friends, passions or hobby.

never apologize

let's make the best of it.

a man wanting to feel young but feeling very old writing this
Haven't even been lurking for about 2 months. Still have 7+ machines crunching, though. (50+/day). What the hell was all the bickering that went on while I was away?

<Ring, Ring>

Call from upstairs canning Greg cause it could be interesting!!:D

He guys, good to see a couple of you back!! There is a specific female that is welcome to come back too;)
I know she said that she wasn't as interested anymore but it would be nice for her to drop by:D