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Why is my 3dmark2001se so slow?

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Feb 2, 2002

I have a Geforce3 by Leadtek and a GeForce3 ti200 by Abit. I can't get either to go over 6350. This is with either overclocked to 220-230gpu and 480 ram. I hear at that rate I should be getting close to 8000. Below is my system so maybe someone can help me out. Thanks a lot.
yes you should be getting better thin that

maybe try turning your Vertical sync off if its on

also how many apps do you have running when you tested?
i cant get 3000 and you complain about 6k eheh poor poor me :p
good luck in fixing it you could try you bios agp setting maybe lower the agp memory setting. or try newer drivers
ThePunkGeek said:
i cant get 3000 and you complain about 6k eheh poor poor me :p
good luck in fixing it you could try you bios agp setting maybe lower the agp memory setting. or try newer drivers
what's up with those scores I get 5300 and my card isn't oc'ed. changing refresh rate might help.
Actually, youre scores are not soo bad, I get 9500, but my fsb is pretty high.
It might be youre chipset. I remmeber i use to get 1000-2000 pts slower in 3dmark when i used Ali based mobo's.
Make sure you are running ur ram at 2 cas and video shadowing and those other pesky settings are off in ur bios.
And if all else fails try a couple different set of drivers and burn ur system in!

(burning relays on setting ur fsb to lowest supported timing and lowereing ur multipliers all the way down, then increase ur vcore to max run for a week!- if u overclock that should give ya an extra 10mhz on the memory timings!)
ok, I'm getting it around 6400 now. I just replaced the thermal tape with AS2 epoxy(very carefully). I believe it is the bios because everyone else is getting so high, and I found someone who has the exact same system except for brand of HD and CD drives. This personis getting 6900@225/480 or so. For those bios experts, please help.

Sometimes windows just gets batty... once you've exhausted all your other options, there's always format/reisntall. I had an unexplained 1300 point drop in 3dmark, and nothing I tried would correct it. Then I formatted and reinstalled windows and its been working fine ever since.
From the posts I've seen, people who want to "win" 3DMark turn their refresh rate seisure inducingly low and turn off every quality increasing feature available.

Maybe that's just a few people who aren't "in the know" but they make my scores look pretty dumb. Mine was about 4010 with no o/c last I checked, 72hz, mipmaps set to "performance", colorspace set for my 92k NEC monitor. No utility running for graphics but several background apps, firewall etc running.

Make it go as fast as you can, but competition will surely blow your card. I see too many people with high scores one week (and a "beat this" attitude) crying about their fried system the next. Yes I do intend to OC this system (mildly) but not until I have the cooling worked out 100% and still running quiet. I could overclock my card 10% today without a problem but I see tiny imperfections when I do it. They are unacceptable to me and until I can do it with no quality sacrifice --at my settings-- I don't see the point in even running the software.

I've seen what I'd call artifacts that didnt crash 3DMark (like the side of a hill turning green) that are obviously unacceptable. A more extreme test is in the bump test, if you see any flashing that looks like lightening, thats an artifact. The faster I set my card, the bigger and more frequent they get.
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Here is a new one. Unexpected Kmode Trap

What does this one mean? by the way I reformatted my hard drive and am running on a fresh install of win2k. I installed it this way

Win2k+all updates, via 4 in 1, all other hardware, vid card drivers. I've downloaded cool bits for overclocking and am running it at 220/475.

My chipset settings are

Enabled: AGP Aliasing
Agp Always Compensate
Super Bypass mode

Disabled: System Bios Cacheable
Video Ram Cacheable
Memory Hole at 14m-16m
AGP Fast Write

Other: Cas = 2.5 (same as DDR)
Super Bypass = 0
SDram Timing = Auto

If anyone knows if these can hurt 3dmark2001se scores considerably, please tell me what to change it to etc. Also I need info on that BSOD, it only happens when running 3d aps. Thanks a lot everybody
with the latest drivers I'm getting 6600. Also I popped in an Athlon 1.4 fact unlocked. I got the FSB to 144 and this isn't affect my 3dmark at all, how come? I was told that 3dmark ate up higher FSBs

We tweak it like crazy for the high scores, that's true. But that doesn't mean we run our systems at those settings when we game. And stability and quality are more important to the overclockers 3dmark team than pure score. The risk of burning up a card is generally very small. It's people who go overboard and start soldering and doing volt mods to video cards that mess their stuff up. The "try to beat us attitude" (that was my post by the way) is really just a ploy to encourage people to run the benchmark and join our team. Our database will be useful to people looking to buy or trying to tweak cards if we can get enough entries.

Nicspits... Must be the Ali chipset or some kind of software issue. I'd think you could get 7000+ with everything at stock settings.
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Thanks for the "heart to heart" I ordered a KR7a raid a few days ago and am excited to see how it turns out. I think it IS something with the amd-761 chipset. 1 cuz i tried most everything else and 2 because 3dmark2001se reads my agp as NA. Possibly something with PCI mode? anyhoo, it's coming and I think it will speed up my HD, allow for some higher OCing, etc etc etc. Thanks again.

I scored 7581 3Dmarks with a very similar rig:

XP 1800+ @ 1.702 GHz (148FSB)
Epox 8KHA+ w/newest BIOS
Visiontek GeForce3 Ti200 @220/450
Samsung PC2700 2-2-2 256MB
WIN2Kpro SP2
28.32 drivers

I love this MOBO for the cash...
Highly UNimpressed with my Visiontek GF3 vs. Gainward models!! I bought it for $99 at Best Buy last Turkey day, but if only I had known. :(
My score just breaks 7200 with my cele but my card is running a bit faster. At card defaults I'm about 1000 pts less. I would have figured the AMD rigs would score higher even with cards clocked lower b/c of DDR etc....
It's all about the memory bandwidth... If I could reach 540 with my RAM I estimate I'd score 8000+. I've noticed very little performance difference with the core cranked up.