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Why is my cpu running hotter than before I reformatted and reinstalled?

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May 26, 2001
Ok, I screwed up Linux so I backed up all my info and programs and reformatted and reinstalled. I reinstalled all the main programs I had before, but it's running hotter. I redid the WPCREDIT and WPCSET things, and reinstalled my drivers. The weird thing is that I get a lot higher score in 3dMark 2000, but a lot lower score in 3dMark 2001.
Here's a stupid question but I gotta ask, did your room temps go up and / or did the airflow in your room / case change?
No, they are the same. I asked my sister if it was hotter down here than it has been, and she said it didn't feel like it.
Maybe windows hasn't installed with acpi this time round where as last time it did for some reason, this may explain the temps and also acpi can slow performance slightly.
acpi is a power managemnet system. If you look in your bios under power management there will be an option to enable and disable it, unfortunataly it is still not 100% reliable and even one component that doesn't meat acpi's needs will mean it is not installed. Did you install the previos installation your self or did some one else do it?
how much hotter are we talking about here? I think you may just have something in the backround eating cycles.
The difference in idle temps is only about 1 C more, but full load is like 4 or 5C more.

I have fewer programs starting up than before. And no, all the hardware is the same.