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Why is my CPU so dam HoT

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May 27, 2001
San Diego, CA
I have an AMD 1.4 athlon on an iwill kk266 motherboard. I have a swiftech mc462 with the delta fan. I have a enermax 430 watt power supply. One 80mm fan in the front of my case as in intake and a 60mm fan as exaust in the back and one 8mm fan on the side. My cpu temps are 45c unoverclocked and just sitting in windows. My solution so far is artic silver thermal grease( i am using standard grease currently), a Card cooler xt, 2 delta 60mm black fans next to the cpu, and a 120mm fan intakeing next to the 80mm. If this is not gonna work( im frustrated as hell) i am just going to shell out $650 for a freaking vapochill. Please give me help or ideas.
you did take off the thermal pad on the heatsink if it came with one right? make sure the hsf is making a good contact to the cpu. put paste on cpu and place heatsink on the cpu. remove and see if the whole cpu surface transferred thermal compound. also, might wanna try lapping the heatsink.
If your case temperature is less than 30C, then something is either wrong with the mounting job, grease job, or your temperature sensor is goofy. Turn off all those case fans and take the cover off. Boot up into the bios, not Windows and let us know what the CPU temp climbs up to, compared to what the room temp is at.
theres already standard paste there and YES theres no pad. I just reduced the core voltage from 1.85 to 1.82 and it cooled down to 43c. Better but no good enough if i want to overclock.
lol reread my post. i didnt mean put paste on, i meant put it on and then install and remoev the heatsink and look at the imprint on bottom of the heatsnk to make sure its making a good fit. ;-)probably is but you never know
Save your cash mEKBOY, sounds like it has to be something obvious...because it usually is :) Is the hsf sitting square on the cpu? What kind of thermal compound are you using? While it's good, you don't "have" to have AS2 to get good temps. Compound from the shack does me good. What the temp. in the room, case, etc.