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Why not a monster Heatsink...

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Tim the Toolman

Apr 20, 2001
Im sure there is a reason this is not done please elighten me....

I seem to remember from physics class that on a metal plate heat tends radiate to the edges... Why not build a large copper plate heatsink thats about the 120mm + lap proccessor area and mount. Use an epoxy weld compound for fins and fan mounts...
plus it would cost a buttload of money and still not be able to run lower than room temp.
really no need to, copper is so good anyways you don't need something that big. I have seen some that are about 3 feet tall for the extreme overclocking, it just isn't worth it. Besides, with water cooling now, there is no reason not too.
I know my KT7A MoBo does not have enough room around the CPU for too much of anything. They put these big capacitors right next to the socket.