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Why not to spray paint inside........

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Apr 12, 2002
Fort Worth Texas
I have learned a very important lesom this week. I was working on painting my case and was doing it in my computer room. Well when I was done and booted up, my temps were 10C higher than normal!!! When I took a close look at my mobo I noticed that all of my components were coated in a thin sticky coat of paint. It is going to be a pain to clean up. Just thought I would share and give you someething to chuckl about.
Hehehe, even in the winter, I paint outside, then bring it inside to dry/cure. Sounds like you, a bottle of paint thinner, and a pack of swabs are gonna be close personal friends by the end of the week.:eek:

And guys, I think he's talking about having had the components in the same room next to the case when painting, and overspray got 'em. It's amazing how far that paint will travel.
It was the overspray that got me. And yes I am now well aquainted with the paint thiner and cotton swabs. But Iwill be using some thing other than paint thinner now because it is removing the enamel from my board. Any suggestions?
Spray outside........use a mask. It's health risks you should be worried about, not a liitle overspray.......

To find out more about painting your mobo correctly:D, search for Starfoxers post on painting hid mobo with UV paint:)
anyone who paints inside needs his head looking at:eek:

or has to much money;)