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Why overclocking my TNT2 doesn't seem to work.....

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New Member
Jun 25, 2001
I tried overclocking my old TNT2 2mb card up 25 mhz over what it's supposed to be (on both Core and memory settings) and all I noticed was a lousy +2fps, WTF?! I'm trying not to overclock too much because lord know when I would get a new video card again.....
he he thats pretty good vid card overclocks usualy arent very noticeable run 3dmark with it clocked normal and then overclocked im sure youll see the difference then
Hehe, I tried running 3DMark2001, w/o overclocking and I only got a rating of 300 useing 800x600x16 - I'm guessing thats bad, (considering it went way too slow for my liking) But thats just on my current system, maybe I'll notice a difference when I get my new one.... hmm.... Well, I ran the "Standard" for OpenGL, Q3. And usually I get about 20fps at 800x600x32 (with all options to their highest) after overclocking I noticed about a 3 frame increase (as already said).