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why wont it go past 135 fsb?

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Jun 19, 2001
I just got new memory and it didn't help, I removed my ethernet card and it didn't help. Is there settings to change that would help? Do I have to unlock my cpu? Do I need to increase the memory voltage and/or the cpu voltage? Cooling isn't a problem, it runs ice cold. Any ideas are welcome. Thanks in advance.
What kind of new memory?
What is it rated for?

What Motherboard do you have, and what CPU?
What are your temps?

Need to know what we are dealing with in order to help solve this problem, so any info on your system would be great
It's the system in my signature. The 1600xp, epox mobo, 512 pc2700 samsung. See sig for more.
Stuck at 135 FSB with PC2700???
something is very strange with that....

Have you tried this yet?
Drop your multiplier to the lowest you can, UNDERCLOCKING the CPU. Then rasing your FSB.

This will make sure that your RAM is the problem and not the CPU.

Even at 135 FSB your PCI speeds are almost still in 100% spec running @ 33.75Mhz, up from 33.33MHz.... So i see n reason why a NIC would not like that, or anything else on the PCI bus for that matter......

I take it you had the same problem with yout last bit of RAM???

What kinf of PSU do you have? How many Watts? Do you have low voltage levels?
I have a generic psu and my buddy thinks thats thats the problem but the voltages are good and don't fluctuate. Should I increase the voltage to the memory? And yes my pc 2100 crucial is the same way.
Oh yeah my +5v is only 4.73, do you think this may be the reason. I think I'm going to get an Antec 400w psu right now, think it will help?
Your 5V should not go below 4.80.
I replaced my generic 300W psu w/ and Antec 403 psu. my 5v went from 4.83~4.98 to a steady 5.03 even under full load.
Try maxing out the ram voltage. I had the same problem with that mobo, probably a couple bad apples. I couldn't get past 135 intil I maxed the mem voltage, and that got me to 145 :(... Before my asus a7v266 blew up I was hitting 165 stable with the same mushkin 2400 Im using now. Good luck
Just picked up an Antec 400 watt psu. It ran steady and scored well on 3dmark. It was the PSU the whole time. stays at 5.103 constant now. I'm gonna up the mem volts a bit and the cpu volts a bit. Thanks for the input guys.
glad to hear you got the problem fixed.
let us know what you get your system upto
Bumped the core up to 1.9 and the memory to 2.7v and it runs stable at 150 spec at 1900xp. I'm sure it has more but not tonight. My 3dmark went from 8100 to 8650 just with FSB. I got it to 8862 with the vid card at core 285 clock 281. It can go more but I have to work early. I'll post more tomorrow. P.S. the rest of my water cooling stuff should be here this week. Then its on!
Update It will only go 150 if the vid card is at 290/295 but my 3dmark 2001se score went up to 8974. But its stable.
Your I/O voltage....
If you need a some more stability with your Video card (when its OC'd) try upping it a little from 3.3V (i run at 3.5V).
Also increasing your I/O voltage can help system stability as well, Great for 150FSB+
Good luck to you....
150FSb sure makes your MHz work for you ALOT better :)