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Why worry about temps?

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oh,no, I fallen to into the hobby trap!
I've ordered the pep66t to see if I can get my 700e to run stable at 933 instead
of 868 with the gorb.
Please help me!
Where is overclocker's anonymous?
Mr B (Mar 15, 2001 10:48 p.m.):
I FINALLY got my P3125 in the mail today. I sent out the $$ two weeks ago (I'm near Boston, and the seller is in British Columbia, Canada), and I've been dyin' to start playin' with the P/// 600E

I didn't even bother lapping the Alpha, just applied the A.S. and assembled.


Temps under load dropped 15 degrees celcius vs. the intel heatsink/fan.

That's a LOT MORE than 4 degrees......

I had seen the temps peak at 49c with the intel hsf, and I ran the P/// w/ the Alpha, Prime95 Torture test, one half hour, and the temp rose to 32.5c.

Sorry, new2overclocking, but a good hsf makes a big difference!!!

BTW......138.7 FSB/ 832 MHz @ 1.8v (max for the Soyo mb I have in there right now.)

Mr B
I'm new to this and want to drop my cpu temp. Can you tell me what P3125 ?
You're pretty much right on all points.

A heatsink is a heatsink is a heatsink. Sure, there are some that are obviously better, but for the most part the differences aren't HUGE.

Of course, there are some CPUs that require greater cooling (1.2 GHz Tbird) than others, but for the most part a standard $7 OEM heatsink will do just fine.

I agree with you about spending $80 on a heatsink. That is just silly. I mean - come on; enough's enough. I think alot of us make these purchases impulsively thinking that we're going to be getting our money's worth. When in fact, the point of diminishing returns was hit $60 ago.

Water cooling? Don't go there. I've spent WAAAY too much money with watercooling. What did it get me? A FEW degrees cooler than my Alpha PEP66 (with Sunon Fan.) Worth it? Not hardly. Was it fun? Yeah, it was an interesting project(s), but once again; for the money I spent I could have had a heck of alot of fun on the slopes (skiing.) Oh well. Easy come - easy go.

Overclocking, isn't always about making rational decisions. A rational person would have stopped long ago. I got caught up in the irrational and in the process learned a thing or two. I learned there's a sucker born every minute, and there's a whole industry waiting to take advantage of them. Just take a look at overclockershideout.com. The "Core" heatsink. It's a block of Al drilled out a bunch of times and they're selling it for $80. Now is that plain stupid or what? I'll bet they sell a thousand of them. Now take a look at these "pre-tested" CPUs. In most cases a person can pick up any old CPU and overclock it to a reasonable level, but people will pay a premiums of over $100 to get a "sure thing." Once again... "A sucker born every minute."

If you want more examples it isn't hard to find them.
Pre-rolled IDE cables, Customised cases ($$$), Blow-hole kits, Fan-buses, Entire stores dedicated to case modding. It's pretty laughable really. What started out as a hobby has become a pretty major market. Sometimes I shake my head and wonder if these guys that spend $400 on a barebones swift tech watercooling system honestly think they're getting their money's worth. :) Live and learn.
Mr B (Mar 14, 2001 06:46 a.m.):

My rig is a lot like my mailman.......;

Stable and reliable, in rain, snow and gloom of night. Plus sunny days, wherever the sun shines...on my case or not.

Go figure....still runs better with the Alpha.


Mr B

obviously not a south african mailman!! :( if that was the case your computer would be on strike for three weeks when you're waiting for it to deliver your pal6035... :(