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Why you hardcore OCers, give me a hand. What should I do with the AGP/PCI divider?

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Mar 5, 2002
You hardcore OCers, give me a hand. What should I do with the AGP/PCI divider?

I've got a 1.8A on th7II. I haven't seen much said about what to do with this clock divider anywhere. I've seen some say they've got there's set on FIX, but can someone give me a little more info. I'm not sure exactly what this thing does; I'm thinking it syncs the pci and agp slots up with the fsb. Anyway, now I have it set to the default 2/3. I'm looking to only overclock to about 2.4GHz so I hopefully won't have to up the voltage too much. That way I can avoid doing the vid pin technique, and spending too much more on cooling Should I set the dang thing to FIX or what? Thanks.
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Set the AGP to fix and the agp and pci will lock in at 66 and 33 respectively. It is that simple and then you can mess with the fsb without moving the AGP and PCI bus out of spec.
Whats the point of that? O/C is more than just making the CPU run faster. When o/cing you want the balance of speed and stabilty. Let your pci and agp slots run a little over spec and make the system run faster over all. What are the options for your divisors?
The options for the dividers are AGP 2/3 and PCI 1/3 or AGP 2/4 and PCI 1/4 or fixed. If Flood is at 2.4 with a 1.8a, then that's 133 FSB. Fishy has a point though, if you use the AGP 2/4 and PCI 1/4 setting, it'll be in spec at 133 FSB, but if you can sneak it up higher (say to 135), then a little buzz on the PCI and AGP buses is not bad. Might help performance a but.