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Wierd 3DMark results.

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Apr 28, 2001
Kingwood, TX
I have my G3 card clocked at 240/545. I can play Counter-Strike for hours on end, I did last night. When I close that out and try 3DMark2k1 it will freeze on the first demo. I will even do a reboot of the system for a fresh try and get the same results. But if I get back into CS, it works fine with no artifacting. Any ideas?
you running Direct X8.0 is the G3 overclocked will it run n3Dmark not overclocked?
It will run 3DMark2k1 at 232/545. But anything higher and it locks up. I went back to default speeds, 200/460, just now and it will not get through the second demo in 3DMark2K. WTF??!!
You might want to try changing drivers. Which ones are you running?
I've seen another post like this recently, I think it came down to using the newest (version 12+) drivers and directx8. The newer drivers work best with it; and actually, only the newer drivers support the geforce 3 anyway.

Your card should not be locking up. Period. Since the card plays in games and runs 3dmark2001, 2000 should not be an issue.
Maybe it's this DX8 phenomenon<like the el nino effect>. Is there a update to the DX8 yet? If so, where can I get it?
This definately sounds like drivers to me. What version are you running? There was one set released not that long ago that caused either bad scores in 3DMark 2001 or hangups.

I am using the 12.90 drivers and they work great.

Ok, I think I found out the problem. I just installed a second EPOX 8K7A, first one was DOA, and now I am back to 235/545 on my G3. 3DMark2K1 ran just fine with a slightly lower score of 61xx. That's ok with me as long as it is stable now. I haven't tried 2k yet because I am still in the process of reinstalling everything after a format. I think the problem is the KT7A AGP port. EPOX AGP port runs stable as hell at 4x now so I am one happy camper. I will try more later. WOOHOO!
You nasty b*sturd. Heh. Yeah, I like getting experience on as much as I can. I have been screwing with computers for almost 20 years now when Dad brought home our Tandy 1000HX. Man, those were the days. By the way, I still lock up on 3DMark2k and not 2k1.
Dx8 sucks bigtime btw. Maybe the new dx8.0a will be better. It can be downloaded right now at downloads.com or zdnet.com.