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Will 1 300Watt PSU be good enough for.....

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Feb 2, 2001
Will 1 300Watt PSU be good enough to run Mobo With Basics (of course). But with also 4-6 Fans 2-3 being 120's and others 80. And Also 2 Neon Lights? Eventually gonna get the Digital Baybus whenever the heck that comes out. But still Will 300 watt PSU be good enough? and 2 HDD's and 3 CD-Rom's. What do you guys think? I'll be ok? THanks for the help
If you are going to invest in a new P/S, steup to an Enermax 430 watt P/S. You will have a very stable P/S that is quiet & the ability to hookup most anything to your system. Some people have problems with just a 300 watt P/S running a case loaded & using the Athlon CPU. Spend a few more $$ & you will be happy in the long term process.

I doubt it. You should get a larger psu or a second could attach to your current one if you have it around
Lights are what? 15? 20 Watt?
Using my system as an e.g.
I have 3 Hdds, (2x 7,200 Spin IBMs, Ix Seagate Hawk SCSI), 1 DVDROM, 1 SCSI toaster, 1 Floopy Disk, 4x 80mm Fans, 2x60mm fans, 1x60mm on H/S, 1 Geforce 2 GTS w/64Mb, 1 SCSI card, modem and sound. all this is running for a 300W Macron PSU.

To be safe, I'd buy a cheapo 250W and run the Neon lights and fans off that way, they (esp. the lights) won't dirty the electricty going to your other compos.