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will a PCI fan help me cool my case

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Jul 15, 2013
ok so i have an HP Z400 case that is liquid cooled via a closed loop cpu cooler below is a picture of what the inside of the case looks like. as you can tell from the picture the lone case fan cooling vent is being used by the radiator setup that came with the cpu liquid cooler, the fan underneath the radiator setup was moved to the front of the case, just under the hard drive bays presumably to pull fresh air in. im also running an GTY 960 from evga below is a link to the card im running.

im wondering if a PCI slot pc cooling blower/fan would be a good idea to use in this case to help keep the case cool. as you can tell from the picture there arent many options as far as case fans go hence why i wanna use a pci fan to suck air out of the case what do you experts think would a PCI blower help to cool the case also i cant upgrade to a better case because all of the parts are proprietary




Jul 8, 2013
I wasn't aware pci fan blowers were still a thing, havn't seen them in 10 years or so since they were basically considered snake oil and didn't actually do anything.

Can you mount a fan in the front?
That or cut a hole in the side panel and mount a fan

How hot are the gpu and cpu getting?


Senior Member
Dec 27, 2008
That was my question. Are you actually experiencing high temp issues?

Can a pull fan be mounted behind the radiator so that you have push/pull setup? Are the hoses long enough and is there room forward for that to work?

Cutting a hole in the side panel for a 120/140mm fan would be much more effective than a PCIe slot fan without doubt.