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Will I short the board with this configuration?

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New Member
Feb 1, 2016
I have an ASRock Z170 Extreme board sitting in a Thermaltake MSI case.... worse case ever! The problem is the CPU base on the board doesn't sit directly over the spacing in the back of the case. With the CPU fan back mount I am practically touching the case, which to me would potentially short and damage the board. Will this be ok, or do I need to make the opening bigger with an angle grinder (not preferred at all). Images attached for reference, really appreciate any feedback, thanks!
Are the pads that tougch the mobo insulated ? If so then you should be OK. You could just fold up some paper and put it in there that would insulate it just in case.
They are just plastic pads to hold the mounting screws on, I guess they serve a dual purpose of holding the screws securely in place and preventing the metal mount from touching the board. But I don't know for sure and need to be 100% before I risk frying this board. I am also concerned that the AMD brackets are practically touching the steel case. Are you suggesting I put paper between those and the case? Thanks for you quick reply...
That's what I was suggesting. Fold it up to make it tight so it won't fall out. Then there's no worry