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Will Laptop HD to IDE HD converter work for Laptop CDROM to IDE CDROM too?

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Jan 10, 2002
Dublin, Ireland
I have a DVD/CDROM drive from my laptop, and would like to use it as a slim drive in my case i am building. I have seen the adapters/converters which allow you to use a laptop HDD as an IDE HD. Can these be used for the CDROM drives too?
Are the connectors the same size??(i.e. laptop HD connector the same size as laptop CDROM connector??)
I just want to know.
Usually not. I would have to see your CD-ROM module to be sure.
2.5" laptop hard drives do have a standard 44pin connector. The other modules are often propritary, they have a different connector for each laptop. Often times the CD connectors look like minature centronics connectors, very different than the hard drive connectors.
This is not to say that an atapter does not exist. I am just saying that the hard drive ones will not work.
Typically, the DVDROMs and newer CDs for laptops use an UltraBay spec connector and will not be compatible with a standard to laptop HDD converter. The only exceptions that I've seen are the older CDs, like 8X and lower and some with detachable interfaces. We do have test adapters where I work, but it'd be cheaper to buy new drives than to get them. They are custom made for our applications.