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will more voltage help pcmark scores for ram?

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Apr 13, 2003
I have one stick of corsair xms pc2700 & these are my scores:

- PCMark02
- Cpu - 8087
- Memory - 6734

Will more voltage help my score? i want to hit 7500 with my ram. i'm currently at 3.3147 core speed. i would post attatchment but it won't let me

Cheesy Peas

Jul 2, 2002
no, increasing the voltage to the ram wont increase your score.
To get better scores you need to lower the latenices of the ram and/or increase you fsb. The ram voltage option is there because different brand require different voltages, and it also helps out in stability when using a high overclock.

The core speed your are talking about is not a speed, it is the input/output voltage of your ram, and it should be around 3.3v, so thats fine.

That is not the voltage supplied to the ram though, generally DDR voltage is around 2.6v, but is increased when needs be when it is overclocked.