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Will Mushkin L2s give me a better timing?

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Dec 6, 2003
Pacific North West
How much imporvement can I expect from mushkin L2s without mods to my motherboard? I'm currently running 2.75v for DDR, 1.575v for cpu, AGP/PCI freq is set to auto, spread spectrum is disabled, performance acceleration mode for chipset = auto, DRAM idle timer = auto, DRAM Refresh mode = 7.8uSec. CPU temp idle = 39, load = 47 (See my sig for my current configuration)

Upping the voltage to 2.85v (max) had no effect on timings. I ran memtest, sandra burn-in, 3dmark 2003, and played hours of max payne 2/CS without any problems at current configuration. However when i shut down windows xp it shows a couple of messages of programs is not responding & couldn't read a memory address :rolleyes: It shuts down properly after that without problems.

Thx for ur help! :)


Oct 30, 2003
The Mushkin lvl 2 would give better timings (2-2-2)but it would not necessarily allow you to increase your FSB.

At 2.85V's they might be able to hold on to those timings at DDR453 but very likely you would have to make do with 2-3-2, and even that is not guaranteed since the spec is only 433.

Turned out a rather inconclusive answer, shall I cancel this..
Nah, at least I'll bump it for you.