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Will my DisCard get too hot?

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May 14, 2001
Hi guys, I got some question about Displaycard that maybe u can help me up.

During overclocking, we focus on CPU temperature. So, how about display card chipset? will they got too hot and damage permanantly? To my Logic, the card will also being overclock if I choose to increase the FSB, right?

So how I know it's getting too hot?

I'm having a MSI Geforce2 MX with 32Mb RAM 4X AGP
it come with a plastic like heat sink. Is that good enough? should I get a fan for it?
(It's quite hot b4 OC, I feel it with my finger)
or should/can I change the 4X to maybe 2X so that It won get too hot?

I'm using Epox 8KTa Mobo... and i'm using its onboard Audio.... I'm have no PCI card on the board except the AGP.... so do I still need to care about the PCI clockspeed when having FSB increment?

any opinion would be very welcome and appreciated!!

Thanks for your time and knowledge.
The video card timings are set by the video card and are not affected by agp bus speed.
If you overclock the video card itself with software that is different.
If you get your video card hot yes it can damage it, but as Placid said it will not happen from overclocking your CPU. If your VC [video card] came with just a heatsink [HS]and not a heatsinkfan [HSF] then you should put a better HSF on it, i made mine from a CPU HSF i cut it down with a hacksaw until it fit pefectly and i only paid 5 bucks for it and its much better then any blue orb but a borb would even work better then just a HS. so yes if its hot to the touch you need better cooling. as far as PCI speeds and FSB settings i would only worry about it if you are having stability problems if your not having problems then raising the FSB will not hurt anything.

i forgot you can attach your new HSF with thermal compound in the center and 4 drops of super glue in the corners and this works great.