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Will that work?

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Feb 10, 2002
Norman, OK
Well i've read that if you use two blowers those slot coolers, put it one against the other and hook it onto a HS that will give a superb airflow, blowers are rated 42cfm and with two you have 84cfm of air moving against the HS. Well have anyone done that. Well it says that also gives a better noise levels since they are around 26dba.
I've just have that question, does 2x26dba's means 56 dba's? If so that would be loud as hell.


Hey! I showered! Senior
Jan 5, 2002
give me a link to them blowers i want some!

i dont know about that at all but i want some of them blowers


Nov 17, 2001
I think the blower thing would work but only if you could get one to push enough CFM. I've seen the reviews on that one you are talking about, they said that it was no where near 40 something CFM. The sound was about right but not that much air. That Enermax one is just a fan with an exaust on one side. I forgot the name of the company that actually makes their slow blower out of a blower.
IMHO I think blowers are the way to go. No dead spot like a fan and the air actually gets pushed into the fins. Even in the center of the heat sink where the highest concentration of heat is going to be (above the core). Notice that is the same area as the dead spot of a normal fan as well.

If you really want a blower. Look at the ones made by JMC/DATECH. The new Dell Optiplex GX240 Pentium 4 is shipping with a blower mounted on it's crap heat sink. The blower has the mounting holes of a 80 mm fan and is thermally controlled. But get this, 13 watts!!!! Yeah, that's right I said 13 watts on 12 v. The moter is quit a bit larger than a normal 80 MM fan, it's actually near if not larger than a 120 mm motor. I took one off of a new computer and work and , well, borrowed it for the weekend. ;)
I opened it up, crossed the leads on the thermistor to make it run at full speed, DAMN DID THAT THING put out some air!!! It was a bit noisey though, like my YSTECH high output 60mm. But man, it had power. Their homepage for JMC lists it at 13.1 Watts and 28 CFM. The main thing was it was rated at 1.5 (i think) inches of mercury when normal 80mm fans are .2 That means that it can push that air farther into the sink.
I tried holding it over my sink for a while and the temps imediately dropped to 34 and was still dropping. I put my hand on the exits of the sink, and the air coming out was cold and was coming out of all the fins. WILD to say the least. I got tired of hold the damn fan there and the noise was a bit much. Not wanting to mess it up or break it, the new Dell was going to be going into the new Dr's lounge where I work so I quit and put my other fan back on.
The Dell computer doesn't have it blowing on it's heatsink. instead its mounted on the side with the intake over the heatsink and sucks hot air off the sink and pushes it out the back. With the thermorisitor workinging again, it pulls a small amount of air but is silent. I've been thinking of a way to liberate one for play but haven' t come up with any ideas just yet. ;) Any ways, good luck.