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Will the new C1 or B0 stepping suffer S.N.D.S?

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May 30, 2002
My classic p4 1.6A is dying, it went from 2.65 ghz to 2.48, now down to 2.4 ghz. I suspect that sooner or later i will need to replace the cpu. i heard many ppo got great oc speed out of the new C1 or B0 stepping. Will this be any other repeat or dying 1.6As? What speed of the newer P4 should i get to hit the sweet spot?

The CPU won't SDNS as long as the VCORE is equal or less than 1.70V. The max. voltage according to Intel datasheet 1.75V MAX at 69C.
I might add that I have not seen a huge number of people getting a dead cpu... and of those who did, some had a dubious setup to start with at best...
Yeah, it'd be interesting to see system specs on boxes with dead NW's... I wonder how many have ECS boards and Deer power supplies... not to say that there won't be failures even with quality companion equipment...
any suggestion on which C1 stepping P4 is best for ocing??