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Will there be a dual CPU shipset for 166fsb for Barton MP?

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Jul 26, 2001
Houston, TX
On the assumption that Barton will be at 166fsb, do ya'll think that AMD will upgrade their dual cpu chipset to support 166fsb along with the faster Barton MP chips? Does anybody have any insider comments;)
Doubt it. Chances are if they continue to produce Athlon MP chips that they will remain at 133 FSb, like they did with the TBirds - with the 1 GHz - 1.4 GHz chips they had them in both 100 FSB and 133 FSB parts, and I bet the MP's for their lifespan will be available as 133 FSB parts while the XP's will probably be all 166 FSB.

You also have to remember that AMD is going to be pushing the server/workstation Hammers before the mainstream desktop Hammers as well. So as soon as they release the new generation of server/workstation chips and boards, those will cut into the socket A MP market in a big way - in fact, it would probably be a bad business move by AMD to continue putting out updated socket A MP chips and chipsets for them, it would be cannibalizing business from the Hammer stuff. Don't get your hopes up.... :rolleyes:
I agree with your statements it is just that the new AMD roadmap shows Barton MPs on them, so I kinda just assumed that they would also be at 166fsb, but I agree that they will most likely just be at 133fsb:(