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Will this be enough?

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Senior Member
Dec 30, 2000
New Jersey
Now that the hot summer weather is here I upgraded my watercooler in the following- Danger Den Maze2 (with coldplate for pelt); Rio 1100 (I think thats the right #?), and I'm waiting for the Cooling Cubes to be available. Now for the pelt (I haven't ordered the pelt yet, I'm waiting for your opinions on the one I'm considering)
The pelt is a 156w from 3Dcool.com. I chose this cause It runs on 12v so I want need to spend like $200 to power it. The PSU that will be dedicated to it is an Enermax 350w (12v 17amps). Now the question- Is this pelt large enough to handle a Tbird 700 that I want to try to take to atleast a gig (now that I have an epox 8kta3 mobo to do some serious overclocking with!). Let's hear those opinions people!
Well, my first question is, are we talking Qmax or total power dissipation for this peltier ? I could find no reference to which it is on the 3DCool web site.

If it's Qmax then expect to have to supply about twice to allow for lack of efficiency and a small safety margin. I would e-mail or call them and ask what the Vmax and Imax are, that way you will know exactly how this peltier should be powered and how much power and/or current you need from the psu.

At Qmax of 150 watts that 350 Enermax will not power that peltier at its designed voltage and current requirements.
or you can go here then go down the page near the bottom they got a peltier power supply it is less then 200 i think i think it would work well